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Re: nxml-mode: Derive from prog-mode instead of text-mode

From: Jostein Kjønigsen
Subject: Re: nxml-mode: Derive from prog-mode instead of text-mode
Date: Wed, 10 May 2017 12:52:59 +0200

On Wed, May 10, 2017, at 12:40 PM, Yuri Khan wrote:
You never edit XHTML, or Docbook, or any other XML-based formats which
get transformed into documentation?

First and foremost: HTML counts as programming among the majority of the population, so thank you for backing my argument :)

With regard to XHTML, I use HTML-oriented major-modes for editing these as I've found them to have much better support for HTML-specific use-cases (valid element-names, valid attributes, etc), and I think this is fairly common among most web-developers.

And to be honest, these days I almost exclusively stick to HTML5 anyway, which has "thrown out" all the XMLness of XHTML with requirements to close tags and all that stuff.

In that regard (with a risk of being a bit opinionated), I think considering nxml-mode as a major-mode for general text-editing (and HTML-editing especially) is looking backwards.

As for Docbook or used other XML-based formats for documentation, I'll admit I haven't done that, but I can see how that can also be popular use-cases too.

So nxml-mode may have to appease to different use-cases.

In that case, me saying nxml-mode is mostly used for programming-related tasks, may be opinionated (and definitely not scientific by any standards).

On the other hand I can't see how it is more opinionated or less scientific than assuming the majority of XML-work to be non-programming-related. But that's seemingly OK?

I'd love to hear other opinions on the matter.

Jostein Kjønigsen

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