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emacs coding modes need 'Suspend Disbelief' button

From: Jason Vas Dias
Subject: emacs coding modes need 'Suspend Disbelief' button
Date: Fri, 19 May 2017 10:54:28 +0000

Hi Emacs wizards -

I just thought I should let you know,
being an emacs user of over 20 years,
that I think the fact that it is possible
to core-dump emacs by simply adding
some text to a shell script is bad , and
that I think modern emacs is going too
far in continuously syntax-checking
and parsing code.

In general, when using programming modes
such as c-mode / cc-mode / shell-script-mode ,
I wish, when typing, I could just turn all syntax
checking off by clicking on a 'Suspend Disbelief'
or 'Syntax Check Off' button  / checkbox -
then, when I  enter '"' or "'", the rest of the text
would not be colored - this is really annoying and greatly
slows down editing of large files - I don't want
the cursor to jump to the previous open bracket,
and I want the current indent to be preserved, until
I un-check 'Syntax Check' or press 'Syntax Check On' .

The insistence of modern emacs on always unconditionally
syntax checking everything greatly slows down typing and
is a major inhibition to quick editing of large source files .

And in some modes, such as shell script mode, and also
cc-mode, it is still possible to core-dump Emacs (latest 25.2 version)
simply by entering partial source code too slow or too fast , because of this
continuous syntax-checking .
I have core-dumped emacs several times recently by doing this -
one example that works pretty reliably is to start defining a
function within a function in shell-script - there is a timing
related bug , if you don't enter the opening '{' fast enough,
emacs will core-dump .

Emacs is regressing back towards 1990s levels of reliability
because of its insistence on continuous syntax checking .

Is there any way to globally turn off continuous syntax checking
for all modes ?

If not, I'm going to develop one.

Thanks & Regards,

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