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Re: Specialized Emacs Features ?

From: Jean-Christophe Helary
Subject: Re: Specialized Emacs Features ?
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2017 22:38:34 +0900

>> Moved to Specialized manual
>> • 31 The Calendar and the Diary
>> • 32 Sending Mail
>> • 33 Reading Mail with Rmail
>> • 34 Gnus
>> • 38 Web Browsing with EWW
>> • 39 Embedded WebKit Widgets
>> • 50 Emacs Lisp Packages
>> • 51 Customization
> These all sound like too important to omit from the user manual.
> E.g., how can we omit Customization?  Or Emacs Lisp Packages?

As far as *printing* is concerned, I don't know whether it is very hard to 
create a "basic" manual and an "advanced" manual from the files that create the 
*whole* manual (standard+specialized) when creating the printed files, but it 
seems to be only a matter of configuring a few files. For digital versions, all 
the informations should be in *the* emacs manual.

I have 2 other issues regarding the manual:
• I'm not finding the "specialized" manual in Info mode.
• The emacs manual is *not* an introductory manual, so I don't think we should 
have an "Advanced Features" section where most of the chapters could actually 
be placed in sections that relate to their contents (as I kind of proposed in 
the re-shuffling I sent in my earlier mail).


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