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Re: /* */ style comments in C++ sources

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: /* */ style comments in C++ sources
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2017 19:15:56 +0300

> From: Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
> Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2017 10:25:47 -0400
> > You can set `comment-start` and `comment-end` already just fine, and that
> > will work with any old Emacs that supports .dir-locals.el (and not just
> > for CC-modes).
> We could probably improve on this fairly easily by adding
> a comment-end-alist so that the user only needs to set comment-start and
> the matching comment-end would automatically be chosen.

I thought back when you first suggested this, and I still think now
that letting users futz with these variables is not TRT.  We need a
command or a defcustom, which will do whatever is needed, including
setting these variables.

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