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Re: Org contribution flow

From: Bastien Guerry
Subject: Re: Org contribution flow
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2017 08:57:03 +0200
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Hi Kaushal,

the diagram looks neat, thanks! It would be useful to have it, with
some contextual explanations on Worg.

Modi <address@hidden> writes:

> And thus to prevent this mix, Org related commits should not happen
> directly to emacs master. They must go to either org maint or org
> master.

I don't want to ask Emacs developers not to commit Org-related changes
to the Emacs repo.  All those commits are very useful since ~10 years,
and we cannot force developers to use another repo.

We need to make it easier for Org maintainers to know when a commit
hit the org/ directory in the Emacs repo though.  An email would be

But it's not a big issue.

Something I do before copying Org files into Emacs master branch: in
org-mode/, I do a "git checkout release_8.2.10" (using the tag of the
latest Org version sync'd), then I copy Org .el files to Emacs, then I
check the diff from Emacs to see what changed.

In general, most of these changes are already backported to Org, but
this helped me spotting a few mistakes in the past.

Anyway -- I have some time for the merge today and tomorrow.
The next time window for me is next monday.



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