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Re: Native display of line numbers: visual line-counting

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Native display of line numbers: visual line-counting
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2017 16:20:30 -0400
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> I take it for granted when using emacs that there is some configuration
> work involved. As long as there is a function I can bind for up/down that
> matches the the relative line numbering, it's not super important to me
> that they automatically are synced somehow. FWIW, visual line mode
> automagically rebinds the navigation keys already, so if the relative line
> numbering was just labeling the lines as visual line mode renders them,
> rendering and input should line up.

The problem I was alluding to is that the efficient way for the
redisplay to provide relative visual-line numbers (i.e. working
directly on the matrices) would provide a semantics which I'm not sure
matches faithfully the functions available to Elisp
(e.g. vertical-motion).

So, this argues for the use of the more expensive move_it_* functions to
compute the relative visual-line numbers (IIUC these are also easier to
integrate in the current code, according to Eli).


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