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Re: Keymap initialization

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Keymap initialization
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2017 22:34:04 -0400
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> Only CC Mode developers are likely to be reloading the file.

But every maintainer has that same need for its own files, so it'd be
better to solve this for others as well.

> It can actually be written and maintained.  CC Mode probably rates
> amongst the top few packages in terms of difficulty, and that difficulty

Actually, your keymap setup looks pretty straightforward.  Definitely not more
complex than most other packages.

And now that I look more closely, I see that the bindings in those maps
have basically stayed unchanged for the last 20 years or so, so the need
to update the map when you reload the file can't have bitten you that
many times (if ever).

The only keymap that's seen changes (e.g. the recent addition of
c-toggle-comment-style) is apparently c-mode-base-map, and for some
reason you haven't applied that same change to it, so reloading
cc-mode.el won't update the only map which might need updating.

Obviously, I'm missing something.

> Such patches are beyond my capacity to make, certainly if I want to
> carry on with CC Mode, too.

Implementing something like M-x reload-file OTOH would give the same
kind of benefit without needing to patch any file.

>> I often see that as well.  My reaction is to try and change that in
>> a way which works for everyone.  Your reaction instead seems to be "oh
>> screw them, I'll do it my way".
> There are a few improvements I've tried to make in the Emacs core, only
> to get knocked back.

Yes, it can be hard work.

> Some of the things you seem to want in CC Mode would complexify it.

We just don't have the same definition of complexity.

> Given how little difficulty either approach will cause in practice,
> there seems to be little to speak for a rigid common approach.  We have,
> perhaps, both been wasting time over the past few hours discussing it.

CC-mode has been a thorn in the side while I was maintaining Emacs
because it always does everything differently.  I find it very important
to try and solve this problem.


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