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Placing eol glyph (buffer-display-table) before an overlay after-string.

From: Keith David Bershatsky
Subject: Placing eol glyph (buffer-display-table) before an overlay after-string.
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2017 23:14:31 -0700

My goal is to use a pilcrow to represent line endings, and this option can be 
set up using the appropriate buffer-display-table entry.

I have a custom minor mode that draws cross-hairs the length of the screen to 
track the cursor position, which requires the use of the overlay after-string 
property.  Emacs draws the eol glyph after the overlay after-strings are placed 
-- i.e., to the right of the after-string.  The result is that the eol glyph 
(e.g., pilcrow) is always on the far right of the after-string overlay.  I want 
the eol glyph to appear at the end of the line of text, and the overlay 
after-string should come after the eol glyph (not before).

Is it feasible to reverse the order such that the eol glyph is laid before the 
overlays containing the after-string property?

A hint as to the locations (in the C code) where I would start working on 
reversing the order would be greatly appreciated.

If there is a better way to handle this than trying to reverse the order in 
which things are happening, any insight would be helpful.

WORKAROUND:  I have been using a custom XPM image of a pilcrow that is the 
beginning of the after-string, and I change its coloration 
(foreground/background) as needed.  The problem with this approach is that the 
XPM does not look as good as a native eol glpyh, and the XPM would need to be 
adjusted depending upon the font and size of the font.


Keith David Bershatsky

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