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Re: git-handler.el

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: git-handler.el
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2017 21:32:41 +0200
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Jonas Bernoulli <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Jonas,

> How so?  Wouldn't my scheme just look like:
>   /path/to/dir-containing-closest-control-file/<vcs>@<rev>:<file>
> instead of
>   /path/to/dir-containing-closest-control-file/<vcs>@<file>/<rev>
> when trying to stay as close the internals of that <vcs>?

First, we have to agree the file name *syntax*. There shall be a cookie
which delimits the regular file name from the vcs specific part. And the
vcs name shall not be part of the whole file name, this is not

I have proposed "@@" as cookie at the end of the regular file or
directory name, a directory indication like a slash prior this cookie is
not needed I believe. I have decided for the double "@@" because it
gives a user more attention. People who have used ClearCase might know
where I have taken this from, but this doesn't matter for the decision.

Could you live with that proposal?

The vcs specific part shall also look the same for all involved
VCSes. It would be great if the semantics is always the same as well (in
the file oriented view, branches are directories, revisions are files,
and labels are symlinks), but I don't know whether we could keep this.

Best regards, Michael.

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