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Re: Refactoring flymake.el

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: Re: Refactoring flymake.el
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2017 10:51:23 -0400
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> * Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> [2017-08-17 18:32:48 -0400]:
>> One thing about flymake that inconveniences me is that I cannot disable
>> it for some specific files.
>> I have a bunch of "scratch.py" files that I use as poor man's notebooks.
> Can you add some file-local settings in them?

elpy (https://github.com/jorgenschaefer/elpy) ignores them.
I just tried

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
# Local Variables:
# flymake-mode: nil
# End:
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

and flymake is still enabled in scratch.
So -- no, file-local settings do not solve my problem.

>> +(defcustom flymake-disallowed-file-name-regexp nil
>> +  "File names matching this regexp will not be checked.
>> +This overrides `flymake-allowed-file-name-masks'."
>> +  :group 'flymake
>> +  :type 'string
>> +  :version "26.1")
> Using file-local or dir-local variables settings is often more convenient.

Nope, because I have to deal with the "safe local variable dialogue"
every time I visit such a file.
And again when I restart emacs and all those scratch files are reloaded
by desktop.

I understand the security implications, so I am reluctant to disable the
check, but this is a major inconvenience, so would use this approach
only as a last resort.

So, are you really _that_ opposed to `flymake-disallowed-file-name-regexp'?


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