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Re: emacs-26 07ea5ef99a: Fix reference style in org.texi

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: emacs-26 07ea5ef99a: Fix reference style in org.texi
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2017 08:46:19 +0200

> I'm reviewing this commit for backport to the Org repo, and I don't
> understand what it's fixing.  Both variants seem to produce the
> equivalent output.  Could you please explain to me what the difference
> is?

The output _should_ be equivalent.  But section 8.4.1 of the texinfo
manual says here:

     Caution: A period or comma *must* follow the closing brace of an
     address@hidden'.  It is required to terminate the cross reference.  This
     period or comma will appear in the output, both in the Info file
     and in the printed manual.

And your version got me the following warning (with makeinfo 4.13):

  GEN      ../../../doc/misc/../../info/org.info
../../../doc/misc/org.texi:14038: warning: `.' or `,' must follow @xref, not 

Maybe this has been changed for current versions of texinfo but 4.13 is
still permitted to build Emacs (at least on slower systems).  My commit
message should have explained that but I initially wanted to mark it as
marginal so I did not bother.

Apologies for any inconvenience, martin

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