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Re: Removal of syntax-ppss-last

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Removal of syntax-ppss-last
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2017 20:48:54 -0400
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> Unfortunate, but easily solved. And I don't believe we guarantee .elc
> compatibility between major releases.

We try to preserve backward compatibility of .elc files.
But I wonder why your code:

    (defun haskell-indentation-find-indentations ()
      (let ((ppss (syntax-ppss)))
         ((nth 3 ppss)
         ((nth 4 ppss)
          (if (save-excursion
                (and (skip-syntax-forward "-")
                     (not (> (forward-line 1) 0))
                     (not (nth 4 (syntax-ppss)))))

would contain syntax-ppss-last in the .elc since syntax-ppss is not
defined as defsubst or other such inlinable code.

Can you try to look more closely at where this syntax-ppss-last comes
from (maybe by disassembling the function)?


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