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Re: [PATCH] Flymake support for C/C++

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Flymake support for C/C++
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2017 13:21:11 +0300
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On 10/24/17 1:07 PM, Reuben Thomas wrote:
we can't get its copyright assigned to the FSF, so we can't include it as part of Emacs.​

Or, to be more accurate, include it as a part of the distribution.

In the tarball, in the .deb packages builds by GNU/Linux distributions, etc.

I was arguing that it shouldn't be necessary to have an Elisp package in the repository.

I'm not sure who you're arguing against.

However, it might still be necessary to have a default dependency be FSF-copyright; a quick look suggests that, apart from system libraries (libc), all the mandatory dependencies of Emacs are indeed FSF-copyright.

Therefore, it might still not be possible to use Flycheck by default (as it might not be possible to obtain copyright assignment even if the current maintainers supported it), but there's no reason why it couldn't be supported at build time, like the various optional C libraries, so that it could "out of the box", just like support for various image formats.

How would it even be used? Will you write an abstraction over Flycheck and Flymake that Emacs would integrate with instead?

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