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Re: Will Emacs be ever available for iOS?

From: Elias Mårtenson
Subject: Re: Will Emacs be ever available for iOS?
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2019 12:03:45 +0800

On Sat, 5 Jan 2019, 05:27 Richard Stallman <address@hidden wrote:

I did not realize that that was possible -- to install programs
that are not in the cr...app store.

What software is needed to install ish?

My understanding is that there are two ways: the first is to become a registered developer. If you are, you can of course compile anything you want. There is a fee associated with being a developer, and I don't know what information you need to provide to Apple to do so. 

The other way is to be added as a tester with a developer. I was told there is a limit to the number of testers, and I think its 1000 users. Apparently the list of registered testers for the ish project is filled up. 

As I'm writing this, I note that there may also be a third way, which is to use corporate deployments. Some companies have Ipads that are used in kiosk mode to handle reservations at a restaurant for example. These applications are obviously not available on the store, and I seem to recall someone saying that they are not vetted by Apple in the same way normal applications are. However, I know very little about this and someone who is an Ipad developer could probably provide more detail. 

Finally, my friend who told me all of this said that some projects have been shut down even while just doing testing in the way ish is, ostensibly for breaking some arbitrary rule that Apple has decided on. Ish has not been shut down, even though the project has been mentioned by people like Gruber (a blogger who is widely considered to be a mouth piece of Apple). Apparently this is seen as a sign that it will eventually be allowed on the store. 


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