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Re: Recent diff-mode changes feel slow with TRAMP

From: Dima Kogan
Subject: Re: Recent diff-mode changes feel slow with TRAMP
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2019 21:23:26 -0800
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Charles A. Roelli <address@hidden> writes:

> Did you try turning off "diff-font-lock-syntax"? This new feature will
> find each file in the diff to provide correct font-locking. Maybe it
> should be disabled by default in remote buffers.

Gah. I sent the email before I was done.

OK. Yes. Setting diff-font-lock-syntax to nil makes it fast again.
Thanks a lot for pointing me to that.

The docs for diff-font-lock-syntax say that 'hunk-only is the fastest
setting here, but that's not true, right? Isn't nil the fastest one?

For my use cases, I don't think I want this enabled at all, TRAMP or
not. Combined with refinement, this makes the diffs more difficult to
interpret, at least to me. And even without TRAMP, this makes it slower.
Do we really want both refinement and this font-locking enabled by

There's also a visual issue with auto-refinement. If I load a patch file
with 'emacs -Q -rv' (no user settings, but reverse video), it looks like


Note that the bright green refined face makes the leading + invisible.
There's an identical problem with the bright red making the leading -

Thanks for the work. I'll try to help out more when I get more time.


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