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Re: Apropos 54f297904e0c: Temporarily comment out CC Mode from tests whi

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Apropos 54f297904e0c: Temporarily comment out CC Mode from tests which are incompatible with it.
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 13:04:57 -0500
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> If I said the sky was blue would you say "where's your evidence?"?
> It is a fact that c-electric-brace controls, and must control, each
> change to the buffer which is done.

Not only I don't think that this is true, but I don't even know exactly
what it means (IOW, yes it's probably true for some interpretation of
it, but not for others).

> This is self evident from reading the source code.

I don't see this evidence.

> Please read the source code for c-electric-brace and its immediate
> sub-functions, understand it (it's not hard), and then come back to me
> with any questions you may have.

expand-abbrev also can be extensive changes during self-insert-command,
and so can the auto-fill-function.

> It is a fact that electric-layout-mode and electric-pair-mode are
> allowed to run from post-self-insert-hook, that they make buffer changes
> which are outside the control of c-electric-brace.

If you use electric-layout-mode and electric-pair-mode, then all that's
left for c-electric-brace is to call self-insert-command.
And indeed, I hope in the future that the { and } bindings will simply
be removed from CC-mode.

I understand that there's a transition needed between these two and this
intermediate state can require more work, but it's important to keep the
long term goal in mind when designing the current solution.


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