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Re: Finding the dump

From: Fu Yuan
Subject: Re: Finding the dump
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2019 07:57:38 -0500

FYI shebang file can be easily packaged into a .app on Mac. 

Just create a folder xxxx.app/Contents and rename the executable shebang to the 
same name as the app. Then put it under Contents . For example 
Dump.app/Contents/Dump. Now Dump.app is double-clickable.


在 2019年1月28日,上午3:53,Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> 写道:

>> I plan to look into the possibility of putting the dump file inside
>> the executable (portably, of course) so that Emacs startup needn't
>> worry about finding the dump file. This would be significantly better
>> for installers and users.
> Allowing the dump file to be a shebang-executable is easy, doesn't
> require a C compiler at dump-time, and works well under GNU/Linux.
> It can't be "the only way" because it works less well under MacOS and
> not at all under Windows (IIUC), but I see no reason not to support it.
>        Stefan

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