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inhibit-message variant that doesn't even log to *Messages*

From: Gergely Risko
Subject: inhibit-message variant that doesn't even log to *Messages*
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 09:08:29 +0100
User-agent: GNU Emacs with Gnus


I use more and more packages that provide some functionality by doing
something periodically.

A recent example is sync-recentf: https://github.com/ffevotte/sync-recentf

When sync-recentf decides to periodically save the recent file, a lot of
messages get written with the `message' function.

I worked around most if this with:

    (defadvice recentf-cleanup (around nce/recentf-cleanup activate)
      (let ((inhibit-message t))

My problem is that, these messages still get logged to *Messages*, so if
I set the frequency to every 15 seconds, and try to debug something
unrelated in Elisp, then these messages get to be annoying a bit.

Would there be any downside to providing an additional variable (under
the name `inhibit-message-fundamentally' or such) that would inhibit
message printing altogether (echo area AND *Messages*)?

Would there be willingness to merge this if I were to work on this?

flet, letf, cl-letf and the like will not work for me, because some of
the messages I'm interested in temporarily disabling are coming from C


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