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Re: Questionable code in handling of wordend in the regexp engine in reg

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Questionable code in handling of wordend in the regexp engine in regex-emacs.c
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2019 18:15:55 -0500
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> Primarily, there is an
>     UPDATE_SYNTAX_TABLE (charpos);
> before determining the syntax of the previous character, which seems OK.
> Later on, before determining the syntax of the next character, we have:
> .  Between these two calls, charpos hasn't been changed.

Good spotting.

> Surely the argument to the second occurrence should be (charpos + 1)?

I believe it's instead the other one that needs to use "charpos - 1"
because the UPDATE_SYNTAX_TABLE is called just before reading the char
*before* charpos (see patch below).

> Also, probably less importantly, there is
>     GET_CHAR_AFTER (c2, d, dummy);
> , whereas at the same place in the handler for case symend: we have
> instead
>     c2 = RE_STRING_CHAR (d, target_multibyte);
> .  Is the effect of these macros identical, or is one of them up to
> date, and the other one really needs updating as well, for correct
> functionality?

According to my reading of the code, they're identical in multibyte
buffers not in unibyte buffers where RE_STRING_CHAR just returns a value
between 0 and 255 (i.e. ASCII or Latin-1 more or less), whereas
GET_CHAR_AFTER will return either an ASCII char (0..127) or a raw-byte
char (4194176..4194303).

I think it's more correct to return a raw-byte char (4194176..4194303),
so I'd tend to think that GET_CHAR_AFTER is the better choice, but
please don't quote me on this.

> I came across these whilst investigating bug #34525.  Making the
> indicated changes to regex-emacs.c sadly doesn't help solve the symptoms
> of that bug.  :-(

Does the patch below help?


diff --git a/src/regex-emacs.c b/src/regex-emacs.c
index b667a43a37..72fb5ec561 100644
--- a/src/regex-emacs.c
+++ b/src/regex-emacs.c
@@ -4813,7 +4813,7 @@ re_match_2_internal (struct re_pattern_buffer *bufp, 
re_char *string1,
              int dummy;
              ptrdiff_t offset = PTR_TO_OFFSET (d) - 1;
              ptrdiff_t charpos = SYNTAX_TABLE_BYTE_TO_CHAR (offset);
-             UPDATE_SYNTAX_TABLE (charpos);
+             UPDATE_SYNTAX_TABLE (charpos - 1);
              GET_CHAR_BEFORE_2 (c1, d, string1, end1, string2, end2);
              s1 = SYNTAX (c1);

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