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Re: Accessibility: caret tracking in emacs with gnome shell magnifier

From: Eric Danan
Subject: Re: Accessibility: caret tracking in emacs with gnome shell magnifier
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 14:13:24 +0100
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Thank you Alex. I'd like to use GUI emacs so as to be able to e.g. use the pdf-tools package to view pdf files (this is not possible in terminal as far as I know). If I installed debian with the mate desktop, would caret tracking work in GUI emacs?



On 2019-02-25 11:06, Alex ARNAUD wrote:
Hello Eric,

I'm myself a visual-impaired and an emacs users.

I advise you to run emacs inside the GNOME Terminal. The steps are:
1) Open GNOME Terminal
2) Write the command "emacs -nw"

I personally use Debian GNU/Linux, Mate and Compiz Reloaded focus tracking feature because I found them more reliable for those reasons:
- There is an accessibility team inside Debian
- Mate team take care of accessibility and offer a more natural desktop experience - I'm participating to the screen magnifier and focus tracking of Compiz reloaded so I couldn't be fully objective but I hope our focus tracking feature is more reliable than the GNOME One, if not, don't hesitate to fill a bug.

Best regards,

Le 25/02/2019 à 10:34, Eric Danan a écrit :

Due to a visual impairment I constantly work with a screen magnifier turned on (in full screen mode), and I need it to track the caret to follow what I am typing.

So far I am using emacs 26.1 on cygwin on windows 10, and the windows 10 magnifier does the job of tracking the caret.

I am considering switching to gnome on linux and therefore installed the fedora (version 29) distribution to try it out. The gnome (3.30) shell magnifier supports caret tracking and it works in other applications but not emacs (26.1).

I previously sent this message to the gnome accessibility list (that was a long time ago in 2015, so with earlier versions of emacs and gnome) and got a reply from Alex Arnaud (cc) stating:

 > I've tried to test Emacs with Accercicer (a accessibility debug tool) and my conclusion are Emacs doesn't connect it to AT-SPI (accessibility stack).

He also suggested that I write to this list, which I'm (finally!) doing. I hope it is appropriate to report this here.

Best regards,


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