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Re: PATCH: isearch-yank-until-char

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: PATCH: isearch-yank-until-char
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2019 21:24:51 +0300
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> I like the idea, but would welcome even more warmly an isearch which
> yanks "whatever text is skipped by the next command" so it can be used
> to yank the next word, sexp, char, ...

A.k.a. isearch-yank-on-move.

Since there is no non-isearch global command to skip to the next char
that could be used by isearch-yank-on-move, a fictional command is needed
like this

  (defun skip-to-char (arg char)
    (interactive "^p\ncSkip to char: ")
    (search-forward (char-to-string char) nil nil arg)
    (forward-char -1))

then it could be used with

  (define-key esc-map "\C-c" 'skip-to-char)
  (setq isearch-yank-on-move t)
  ;; optional: (put 'skip-to-char 'isearch-move t)

e.g. 'C-s M-C-c <SPC>'.

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