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info-rename-buffer-mode global minor mode

From: Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro
Subject: info-rename-buffer-mode global minor mode
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2019 15:58:04 -0300
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Hello Emacs developers,

Attached is an implementation of ‘info-rename-buffer-mode’ a global
minor-mode which automatically renames Info buffers to match their
visiting manual.

That’s a feature I find useful when consulting several Info manuals
simultaneously, because it frees me from the burden of renaming Info
buffers to descriptive names manually whenever I open a new manual or
change the current one, while avoiding the accidental change of the
current visited node while opening a new Info buffer.

I’d like to know if people like this feature and would like to have it
included in the default distribution.  In any case, I’d like to get
feedback on the correct (or canonical) way of implementing such simple
feature, in case my implementation is not optimal for whatever reason.

I’m new as a potential Emacs contributor[1] and would like to learn the
most effective procedures to have features or bug-fixes reviewed,
accepted or declined, as I’m collecting a few features I have
implemented over the course of using Emacs as my main system[2] and
possibly generalizing them as more useful standalone modules I plan on

Grateful for your time,


[1] Having only contributed the ‘emms-volume-mixerctl.el’ module to EMMS
yet (whose copyright assignment process is underway).

[2] I use Emacs as my main and only “computing environment” at home and
work, across several OSes: GNU/Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, ReactOS and
FreeDOS.  That means that all those systems boot directly onto
full-screen Emacs (most graphically), and all my user initialization
code is inside my ‘.emacs’ (rather than .xsession, .xinitrc, .profile or
.bashrc) -- so all helper sub-processes are managed by Emacs, my window
manager is EXWM (wherever possible), and I use Emacs for everything
feasible, the only exception being to resort to a javascript capable
web-browser for sites requiring it and whose job can’t be performed
within Emacs.

Attachment: info-rename-buffer.el
Description: info-rename-buffer-mode.el

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