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Issues in the master branch

From: Ergus
Subject: Issues in the master branch
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2019 12:52:15 +0200
User-agent: NeoMutt/20180716


I am using the master branch and I just found 2 errors that I don't
know if they are related, but I haven't seen them before (and are not
there in emacs 26)

1) Some commands are giving this error:

invalid-function with-connection-local-variables.

This happen to me in external commands like ggtags, counsel-rg and some

2) Internal commands like rgrep are producing a wrong output they are
printing the output but with the scape sequences instead of the colors.

-*- mode: grep; default-directory: "~/gits/zile/src/" -*-
Grep started at Fri Aug 23 12:43:54

find [???] -exec grep --color -i -nH --null -e include \{\} +
./editfns.c^@22:#^[[01;31minclude^[[m <config.h>
./editfns.c^@24:#^[[01;31minclude^[[m "main.h"
./editfns.c^@25:#^[[01;31minclude^[[m "extern.h"
./search.c^@22:#^[[01;31minclude^[[m <config.h>
./search.c^@24:#^[[01;31minclude^[[m <stdlib.h>
./search.c^@25:#^[[01;31minclude^[[m <ctype.h>
./search.c^@26:#^[[01;31minclude^[[m <regex.h>
./search.c^@28:#^[[01;31minclude^[[m "main.h"
./search.c^@29:#^[[01;31minclude^[[m "extern.h"
./redisplay.c^@22:#^[[01;31minclude^[[m <config.h>
./redisplay.c^@24:#^[[01;31minclude^[[m <stdarg.h>

I am of course using emacs -Q.

The issues are not there in emacs-26, only in the master; but I have
moved back in the history and I don't find yet where this started to happen.

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