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Re: Deprecation message in Arch Linux.

From: Sven Joachim
Subject: Re: Deprecation message in Arch Linux.
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2019 19:45:19 +0200
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On 2019-08-28 10:19 -0700, Paul Eggert wrote:

> Ergus wrote:
>> In file included from ../../src/sound.c:78:
>> /usr/include/asoundlib.h:1:2: warning: #warning This header is
>> deprecated, use <alsa/asoundlib.h> instead. [-Wcpp]
>>     1 | #warning This header is deprecated, use <alsa/asoundlib.h> instead.
>> It shouldn't be an issue, but maybe we should fix it.
> Sounds like a problem with your Arch Linux configuration. The command:
> pkg-config --cflags "alsa >= 1.0.0"
> should output something like "-I/usr/include/alsa" so that the
> "#include <asoundlib.h>" grabs /usr/include/alsa/asoundlib.h instead
> of /usr/include/asoundlib.h. You might look into that, and if you
> still think it's an Emacs configure problem please file a bug report.

This was a deliberate change in alsa-lib 1.1.9, as "-I/usr/include/alsa"
is considered dangerous due to possible namespace conflicts[1].  Perhaps
Emacs' configure script should test for <alsa/asoundlib.h> first, and
only try <asoundlib.h> if that fails?  Right now it's done the other way



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