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Re: [PATCH] Enable persistent naming for tabs

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Enable persistent naming for tabs
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2019 01:58:31 +0300
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> I've added 2 new functions, `tab-bar-rename-tab` and
> `tab-bar-rename-tab-by-name`. Both functions take a new name, and a tag
> identifier, either a frame tab index or an existing name,
> respectively. The new name is then set on the tab, and the
> `no-auto-name` parameter is set non-nil, unless the new name is the
> empty string, which is taken to mean 'turn automatic naming back on'.

Thanks, this is a useful feature.  Like the feature of renaming buffers
(and using it often to rename such buffers as *Info* and *shell*
to match better their content) tab renaming would help to identify
tab content better.

> A couple of things I'm still wondering about: should this be documented
> in the manual? I was going to do so, but couldn't really find a good
> spot to mention it. If we do add something to the manual, we should
> mention `tab-bar-tab-name-function` as well. Do we want to add this to
> the default `C-x 6` binds, possibly as `C-x 6 r`? I already set
> `tab-rename` as an alias to `tab-bar-rename-tab`, but I'm curious what
> other people are thinking on that. Is there a better name for
> `no-auto-name`? I couldn't think of a better one... I was aiming to have
> a name who's interpretation as 'nil' is 'don't do anything differently',
> so as to make the code slightly easier to read, as well as ensuring
> saved tabs don't get automatic naming turned on by mistake.

You have a good choice of command names and the key binding.
But please give me an additional day to think about a possibility of
avoiding `no-auto-name` to not make code unnecessarily complicated.

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