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Re: Tabs: Magically Growing Tabs?

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Tabs: Magically Growing Tabs?
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2019 21:28:31 +0300
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Sorry, I tried everything but can't reproduce the problem.

Some "Home" tabs have the property explicit-name equal to t,
but duplicates have no explicit-name.

Could you add auditory notifications to emacspeak
to notify when the number of tabs grows?

One suitable place is to define a new function for
the variable tab-bar-tabs-function, then call
tab-bar-tabs from your function, and also to count tabs
when a tab command is called.

> I run with two tabs --- one where I am doing work, the other where I
> am reading an ebook, C-tab makes this a very nice workflow.
> So now  I have two tabs -- one called "Home" where I do work, one
> called "EBooks" where I read. All is well for a few hours.
> (length (tab-bar-tabs)) == 2
> At some point, C-tab when in the Home tab switches to another tab
> called "Home". When I investigate, 
> (length (tab-bar-tabs)) == 3 or greater ---
> I've seen the above number grow as high as 7 depending on when I check
> --and have to close the extra tabs using C-x t 0.
> Unclear as to what interaction triggres the creation of these tabs.
> Note: I cannot see, so it's not possible to catch when this happen by
> eyeballing the tab-bar line -- I only notice when C-tab doesn't do
> what I expect.

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