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Re: completion-at-point + semantic : erroneous error

From: Eric Ludlam
Subject: Re: completion-at-point + semantic : erroneous error
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2019 08:35:15 -0400
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On 10/24/19 4:17 PM, Stefan Monnier wrote:
I went back to mode-local to remind myself about it.  One of the things it
handled was derived modes.
The `derived-mode` specializer I used in the patch for the &context part
correctly handles derived modes, as the name suggests.  It doesn't pay
attention to mode-local's `mode-local-parent` property, of course, only
to the `derived-mode-parent` property.

[ BTW: I'd like to remove the `mode-local-parent` property.
   AFAICT it's only ever set by set-mode-local-parent which is only used by
   define-child-mode which is used as follows:

     bovine/c.el:(define-child-mode c++-mode c-mode
     bovine/el.el:(define-child-mode lisp-mode emacs-lisp-mode
     html.el:(define-child-mode html-helper-mode html-mode
     wisent/javascript.el:(define-child-mode js-mode javascript-mode)
     wisent/javascript.el:(define-child-mode js-mode javascript-mode)
     wisent/python.el:(define-child-mode python-2-mode python-mode "Python 2 
     wisent/python.el:(define-child-mode python-3-mode python-mode "Python 3 

   I suspect these could be replaced with other things.  WDYT? ]

It sounds like a goal is to slowly remove mode-local.  If there is a better official way to do the same thing that seems fine with me.

For this specific item, I'm curious what the alternative might be.  The obvious solution I can think of is making all the assignments for functions and variables to all relevant modes, which feels error prone.  This was a way to specify similar modes for all overrides for this tool.

Also in your patch is a TODO about `with-mode-local'.  That with-mode-local
did more than just allow the next method call to dispatch correctly.  It
also sets up mode local variables, and other mode-local dispatchers for
anything the dispatched call might need.  In this case, the completion call
uses lots of other mode local dispatched functions.  with-mode-local doesn't
set the major-mode though.  Since all of CEDET is presumably still using
mode-local features, you will need both.
Yes.  More importantly, I see that additionally to
define-mode-local-override some functions are overloaded on
a buffer-local basis via semantic-install-function-overrides.
This doesn't fit well with the cl-defmethod system.  I can probably get
rid of semantic-install-function-overrides, but do you happen to
know if some functions are overloaded on a buffer-local basis from
elsewhere than semantic-install-function-overrides?

I'm not sure.  David Engster did most of the work on mode-local. There used to be the primitive semantic- only version you found that he wrapped up in mode-local.  Looking at this in retrospect, I'm not sure why the functions installed with semantic-install-function-overrides weren't done using mode-local more directly.  If they were converted, then semantic-install-function-overrides could be removed.

On a side note, I was testing your patch that started this thread by converting more tests from CEDET on sourceforge to be part of Emacs.  It has test files from a broader range of modes.  It doesn't test all the different overrides and modes, but if a goal is to factor mode-local out, it could more definitively answer if any parsing infrastructure is broken given some of these proposed changes.  I'll try and get it wrapped up and ready soon.


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