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Re: Just a thought about comment-line

Subject: Re: Just a thought about comment-line
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2020 07:18:12 +0200


thanks for all the answers so far. It's nice to see people getting passionate about this.
I too had my code to deal with (bol-p end-of-region) and I'm passing it on to people,
but I started writing a short introduction for students who get interested in Emacs by
seeing how I use it and well, it'd be so much better for Emacs if I could get one of the
FAQ answered by something like 'customise variable so-and-so to get your desired
behaviour' instead of 'include <listing 100> in your .emacs.d/functions.el and bind function
sensible-comment-lines to M-;'

I hope the discussion crystallises in some better future :-)

Best, /PA
PS: and as my signature translates ;-) "questions exist to be made, not to be answered"

El dom., 31 may. 2020 a las 23:54, Drew Adams (<drew.adams@oracle.com>) escribió:
> > You're fairly sure for whom?  For you?  Not for me.
> The only complaints against comment-dwim I have seen

I wasn't complaining about `comment-dwim'.
I was saying that it's not the be-all and
end-all.  I use it for end-of-line comments.
And I use something else for block commenting.

It doesn't matter to me if you use `M-;' for
everything.  If you're happy that way, great.

> were along the lines "I want to micromanage
> how comments are made",

I see.  If someone says your one-size-fits-all
dream command doesn't fit all then their idea
for doing something additional or different
just wastes your time.  Sorry to hear that.

> and not "this code-writing scenario becomes
> suboptimal".
> Are you still writing code? I'm surprised,

Surprise!  And irrelevant.

> > Tell me why Common Lisp behavior for block comments
> > (#|...|#) is missing?  I don't mean that those macro
> > chars are missing, but that the block-commenting
> > behavior (nesting, unnesting) is missing.
> You might want to elaborate.

I think I did.  Maybe you can show us how
`comment-dwim' provides the same behavior.

> It definitely can create nested comments (i.e. in
> the cases they are really needed, when you call it
> on a region containing both commented and
> non-commented lines).

A bit of a tautology.  I can leap over buildings
in a single bound, in the cases where that's
really needed, which is when the buildings are
at most 1-foot tall.

Anyway.  The point of this thread is the problem
with `comment-line' raised by the OP.  If you're
curious why `comment-line' was added, since we
already had `comment-dwim', see the thread I
pointed to, where `comment-line' was discussed
and added.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

"Fragen sind nicht da um beantwortet zu werden.
Fragen sind da, um gestellt zu werden" Georg Kreisler

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