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project-find-regexp using ripgrep

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: project-find-regexp using ripgrep
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 00:30:08 +0300
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Here's a small patch I've been toying with, inspired by bug#41766.

In my testing, it makes the project search an order of magnitude faster. Probably due to smart parallelization.

If people confirm this experience, I'm going to install it (or something similar), even though, well, it would be nice to consolidate this search tool into something smarter, and done in one package only. But that for the future.

How to try:

- M-x project-find-regexp in your favorite project.
- If you're feeling scientific, evaluate something like

   (benchmark 1 '(project-find-regexp "grep-regexp-alist"))

- Change the argument to something else if you're searching something other than the Emacs project.
- Try it a couple of times.
- Note the reported timings.

- Install ripgrep (e.g. with 'apt install ripgrep').
- Apply the patch.
- [Rebuild], restart Emacs.
- Repeat the first several steps.

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