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Re: tramp and executable-find

From: yyoncho
Subject: Re: tramp and executable-find
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2020 20:08:06 +0300

Hi Michael,

Can you comment on remote flag mentioned by Philip as well? 

Here it is the docs for it:

REMOTE is non-nil, search on the remote host indicated by
`default-directory' instead.


On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 7:47 PM Michael Albinus <michael.albinus@gmx.de> wrote:
Ivan Yonchovski <yyoncho@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Michael,

Hi Ivan

> As part of investigating
> https://github.com/emacs-lsp/lsp-mode/issues/1688 I noticed that
> executable-find does not return the binary when it is not on the remote
> PATH(or at least this is what I see) even if you specify the full path
> to the binary. Can you comment if this is the expected behaviour?

`executable-find' is not designed to be supported by a file name handler
like Tramp. It will always check for binaries on the local host.

> Thanks,
> Ivan

Best regards, Michael.

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