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Re: master ce4ec17: Fix display-buffer-override-next-command to call act

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: master ce4ec17: Fix display-buffer-override-next-command to call action only once (bug#39722)
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2020 08:29:53 -0400
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>>> I'd rather try and avoid this complexity because I think it will become
>>> problematic as more prefix commands get written.  E.g. the ordering
>>> problem doesn't only affect `C-u` but all other prefix commands, such as
>>> `C-x RET c` (there currently aren't others bundled with Emacs, but there
>>> are others out there).
>> Hmm, I didn't know that set-buffer-file-coding-system supports a prefix arg:
>> `C-u C-x RET f`.

Not sure how that relates to the previous paragraph.

> BTW, there is also a new command 'same-window-prefix' to request
> displaying the next command's buffer in the same window to override
> the setting that would otherwise display the buffer in another window.

Yes, I like it (it's been on my todo list for other-frame-window).

> But the problem is that currently it's not bound, and I can't find
> a good mnemonic keybinding.

Same problem here.  It's part of the low motivation to work on that todo
item ;-)

> 'C-x 4 0' is already taken.
> 'C-x 4 1' could be reserved for another command that would delete other 
> windows
>           before displaying the next buffer in the remaining single window.
> Maybe 'C-x 4 s'?

Since I use `C-x 4` instead of `C-x 4 4`, I'd say that `C-x 1` would be
the "natural" choice, but that's also already taken :-(


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