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Is it expected to have reserved "system.el"?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Is it expected to have reserved "system.el"?
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2023 12:49:01 +0300
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Personally I have already my `system.el' which deals with various
functions for the computer, such as fan speed, WiFi connection, SD
card, mounting disks, and similar.

Then I use my own function `system-move-file-to-trash' as recommended
by Emacs function `move-file-to-trash'. It indicates to me that there
may be other functions asking for users to define new functions which
are specifically system based.

And from there I am thinking that maybe developers wish to reserve the
prefix `system-' for users, so that users can develop such functions
relevant to system.

I cannot find references in Emacs manual to this.

Are there are functions in Emacs that are expected to be defined by
user with prefix `system-'?

Is it notion or idea that such functions exist?


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