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Re: help

From: Jim Porter
Subject: Re: help
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2023 21:20:15 -0800

On 1/12/2023 6:43 PM, josh parson wrote:
Hi, I'm Josh. I'm relatively new to open source development and wanted to work on something I was passionate about (EMACs), I was wondering if there were any small fixes/features that needed work.

The way I got started was simply by finding some things in Emacs that I wanted to do, but which didn't work right for me. I think it helps to start small like this: if you use Emacs regularly, there are probably at least a couple of times you've run into a situation like that. This has the benefit that you're starting off by writing patches that you have a personal stake in (because the patch will let you do something you want to do), which can help keep you motivated as you run into roadblocks learning a new codebase.

If you haven't found any issues like this, then the next thing I'd suggest would be to look on the Emacs bug tracker <https://debbugs.gnu.org/> for any open bugs related to features you use a lot. Just put "emacs" in for the package name under "General search", plus whatever other search terms you think make sense.

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