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Re: treesit-forward-sexp (was: Make all tree-sitter modes optional)

From: Theodor Thornhill
Subject: Re: treesit-forward-sexp (was: Make all tree-sitter modes optional)
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2023 18:40:16 +0100

On 17 January 2023 18:34:04 CET, Juri Linkov <juri@linkov.net> wrote:
>> I'm using ruby-mode, at least for now, while all the wrinkles with
>> indentation haven't been ironed out (and we'll probably not manage to get
>> them all 100% right before the 29 release), and while ts modes don't
>> support show-paren-mode like SMIE does. No proper sexp navigation, etc.
>BTW, how ruby-ts-mode is intended to be used without proper sexp navigation?
>I see that forward-sentence support for tree sitter was added recently
>with treesit-forward-sentence.  There are also treesit-transpose-sexps,
>treesit-beginning-of-defun and treesit-end-of-defun.
>Are there any plans to add treesit-forward-sexp as well?

Yes, working on it now :)

>Currently I'm using such workaround:
>(with-eval-after-load 'ruby-ts-mode
>  (add-hook 'ruby-ts-mode-hook
>            (lambda ()
>              (smie-setup ruby-smie-grammar #'ruby-smie-rules
>                          :forward-token  #'ruby-smie--forward-token
>                          :backward-token #'ruby-smie--backward-token))))
>Maybe something like this should be added to emacs-29
>until treesit-forward-sexp is implemented in master?


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