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Just a notification about some impressive package (el-easydraw/edraw)

From: dalanicolai
Subject: Just a notification about some impressive package (el-easydraw/edraw)
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2023 10:49:19 +0100

Hello you all,

I was just wondering if anyone here is aware of the el-easydraw package, a quite
beautiful (svg) drawing editor for org-mode. I could not find any mention of it
in this list (although it has been starred already quite a number of times, I am
anyway not sure about how well known it is).

Currently, my only reason for this message is to attend the ones who are
interested on this quite beautiful package.

(I thought it would be nice to get this to ELPA or non-GNU ELPA, and I have
already messaged the author to ask him if he would be interested. You can read
his answer here, below the Japanse, if you are interested. It looks to me that
he would not have much of a problem with that, but that he does not want to take
the burden of maintenance, for one of the reasons that English is very difficult
for him. Anyway, he is still developing, so I guess let's wait a little.)

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