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Re: treesit-language-source-alist: Presets and/or custom variable?

From: Ruijie Yu
Subject: Re: treesit-language-source-alist: Presets and/or custom variable?
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2023 20:52:59 +0800
User-agent: mu4e 1.8.13; emacs 29.0.60

Arash Esbati <arash@gnu.org> writes:

> Hi all,
> just for the fun of it, I eval'd:
> (setq treesit-language-source-alist
>       '((python . ("https://github.com/tree-sitter/tree-sitter-bash.git";))
>         (markdown . ("https://github.com/ikatyang/tree-sitter-markdown.git";))
>         (rust . ("https://github.com/tree-sitter/tree-sitter-rust.git";))
>         (elisp . ("https://github.com/Wilfred/tree-sitter-elisp.git";))))
> and did `M-x treesit-install-language-grammar RET LANG RET' four times
> with languages above.  I'm on Win10, so Emacs built 4 .dll files and put
> them under ~/.emacs.d/tree-sitter/ -- that went smooth.  In order to
> make this more convenient for others, would it make sense to preset this
> variable with parsers available from this site[1]?
> Further, it seems to me that this is a user-settable variable, so I'd
> suggest to make it customizable.
> Best, Arash
> Footnotes:
> [1]  https://tree-sitter.github.io/tree-sitter/#available-parsers

If I am understanding the situation correctly, this is impossible due to
GNU's policy against nonfree things in general.  Someone might be able
to find the ML thread discussing this.



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