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Re: emacs-29: let*: Symbol’s function definition is void: \(setf\ compat

From: Robert Pluim
Subject: Re: emacs-29: let*: Symbol’s function definition is void: \(setf\ compat-alist-get\) with Magit
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2023 09:50:56 +0100

>>>>> On Wed, 18 Jan 2023 19:39:54 +0100, Tassilo Horn <tsdh@gnu.org> said:

    Tassilo> The result of that coordination was that when API-breaking compat
    Tassilo> appeared, those packages had the required changes in place and 
    Tassilo> the new compat version.  On package update, first the new compat 
    Tassilo> installed, then the packages using the compat library.

    Tassilo> However, it seems like when a package gets updated, it's not 
    Tassilo> and thusly the packages using the compat library where compiled 
with the
    Tassilo> old compat version and that's why those errors popped up.

    Tassilo> Basically, there has been a compat (the package) change
    Tassilo> where after updating the compat package, one has to
    Tassilo> re-install magit (and other packages) using that new
    Tassilo> compat version.  That is required because some macro has
    Tassilo> been changed.

That could or could not be an Emacs bug. I guess weʼd need a recipe
from 'emacs -Q' to be sure.


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