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Re: How to include Info manuals in packages?

From: Mariano Montone
Subject: Re: How to include Info manuals in packages?
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2023 21:28:53 -0300
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   thanks for the info! Much appreciated.


El 26/1/23 a las 21:25, Basil L. Contovounesios escribió:
Mariano Montone [2023-01-26 15:39 -0300] wrote:

I'm considering adding a manual an Info format to my package. My package is
installable from ELPA.

I have these questions:

1) Is it good practice to include an Info manual in same package that contains
the package source code?
Yes, but you need to check in only the .texi file.  GNU ELPA will then
automatically generate the required 'dir' and .info files and include
them in the package tarball.

2) How to get the Info manual installed when the user installs my package?
If you tell GNU ELPA where to find the .texi file, then it (and
package.el) should handle the rest automatically for you.

This is specified in the elpa-packages file under elpa.git:
Look for the :doc keyword for examples.

The available keywords are documented in the repo's README:

Finally, what happens during package-install is mentioned under
(info "(elisp) Multi-file Packages").


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