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Re: Why is lexical-binding's global value ignored?

From: abq
Subject: Re: Why is lexical-binding's global value ignored?
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2023 09:11:41 -0700

tomas wrote:
I think it's backward compatibility, mainly. Files with no explicit
lexical binding setting (may) contain code which expects dynamic
binding and would break.

As I mentioned, the global value of lexical-binding defaults to nil. This is the case in Emacs 24 through 28, and obviously will be in 29 too. Therefore, even if the global value were honored in 29 and future versions, files with no explicit setting would continue to get dynamic binding, as they expect. They won't break.

In order to break anything, you would have to do so explicitly, via (setq-default lexical-binding t).

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