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Eshell manual is (hopefully) complete!

From: Jim Porter
Subject: Eshell manual is (hopefully) complete!
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2023 12:35:36 -0700

I've just merged to master (75278855f4a) some additions to the Eshell manual to try and fill in the last of the missing documentation. Hopefully I haven't missed anything.

To that end, could people take a quick look over the latest version of the Eshell manual to make sure it seems reasonably complete? There's a lot more detail to various sections since Emacs 28, and a fair bit since 29 too. I've spent quite a while looking at the manual though, so it would be helpful to have some fresh eyes take a look as well.

If anyone finds any major gaps, I'll try to get that fixed (or to help get patches merged if you'd like to write the documentation yourself).

- Jim

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