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Re: Info-mode patch

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Info-mode patch
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2023 21:40:10 +0300
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>> >> >> It seems you found a bug in 'key-valid-p'!
>> >> >> And indeed it returns nil:
>> >> >>
>> >> >>   (key-valid-p "<tool-bar> <C-Back in history>")
>> >> >
>> >> > Why is it a bug?  "<tool-bar> <C-Back in history>" has no meaning,
>> >> > since it isn't a mouse event.
>> >>
>> >> Is "remap" a mouse event?
>> >
>> > Why is "remap" relevant to the issue at hand?
>> I converted from "old idiom" in info.el to new defvar-keymap. When
>> seeing "remap" (a dummy event) works, I just expected defvar-keymap was
>> done the way that it is possible to use all keys, fake-kyes, events,
>> and whatnot the same way. Similar as I expected 'frame to have same
>> meaning everywhere for the uniformity.
>> Would look more tidy if it was possible to keep all key definitions in
>> the same place as in the old code.
> Do you mean that we had a binding like [tool-bar C-Back\ in\ history]
> somewhere?

This symbol is generated automatically by 'easy-menu-define'
from the menu item "Back in History" with spaces inside.

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