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Re: Easy Customization for Directory Local Variables

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Easy Customization for Directory Local Variables
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2023 19:51:09 +0300
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>> Or how about cus-edit.el?  That's where many/most Customize commands
>> live.
> cus-edit.el seems like the better choice for me.  When icons were added,
> the functions to customize icons went in there.  The only difference
> here is that the new functionality doesn't write to the custom-file,
> rather to some .dir-locals.el.


> Apart from a function that writes to the .dir-locals-2.el file, all
> functions that manipulate the .dir-locals file are from files-x.el.  The
> mentioned function is nowhere near smart as modify-dir-local-variable,
> but I had to code it since I didn't find that to be supported in
> files-x.el.  Maybe modify-dir-local-variable and the like could be
> taught to handle .dir-locals-2.el too.

files-x.el could have a new function that only writes settings
either to .dir-locals.el or .dir-locals-2.el, with code refactored
out of modify-dir-local-variable.

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