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Re: [package-vc] Consider cleaning up files from install process

From: Joseph Turner
Subject: Re: [package-vc] Consider cleaning up files from install process
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2023 01:11:20 -0700

> > For example, when following these instructions to install hyperdrive.el:
> > https://ushin.org/hyperdrive/hyperdrive-manual.html#package_002dvc
> >
> > the git repository ends up with these extra untracked files:
> >
> > dir
> > hyperdrive-autoloads.el
> > hyperdrive-pkg.el
> > hyperdrive.info

> Please report this as a bug in the Hyperdrive repository: its
> `.gitignore` should be adjusted to ignore those files.

Good to know. We have updated the hyperdrive.el .gitignore.

Are all package authors are expected to add these files to .gitignore
(or equivalent in other VCS)?  If so, we should probably put a notice in
the package-vc documentation or somewhere else. What do you suggest?

Thank you!!


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