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Re: master 83e0442139f: There are no file modes on windows and dos

From: Sam Steingold
Subject: Re: master 83e0442139f: There are no file modes on windows and dos
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2023 12:55:14 -0400
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> * Eli Zaretskii <ryvm@tah.bet> [2023-09-29 17:10:54 +0300]:
>> * lisp/ls-lisp.el (ls-lisp-verbosity): Add `modes' on GNU and
>> Unix systems.
>> (ls-lisp-format): When `modes' is not in `ls-lisp-verbosity',
>> retain only the first character of `drwxrwxrwx'.
> I have much more serious issues with this change: it is an
> incompatible change in a long-standing behavior, which AFAIR was never
> discussed.  Worse, it loses information: files that are read-only
> (something that _is_ supported on Windows) are no longer marked as
> unwritable, and executable files (not marked as such in the
> filesystem, but still a clearly existing attribute that we support) is
> not shown as such, either.

I came back to windows after a decade-long hiatus and found this feature
(ls-lisp-verbosity) and thought that lack of mode removing was a simple

> I think if anything, this should (a) show 3-4 letters instead of just
> d or dash, i.e. drwx for a writable directory, -r-- for read-only
> files, -rwx for writable and executable files, etc;

I did not realize that this notion of permission exists in the MS world
- but, I suppose, it depends on the FS and NTFS probably supports some
form of it.

I suppose I should keep 4 chars instead of just 1 when `modes` is not in

> (b) be an opt-in behavior, i.e. we need a new defcustom for it.

Adding / removing `modes' to `ls-lisp-verbosity' is opt-out/in already.

What I could do is keep it in on windows and let users remove it if they
wish. Or maybe if removing it keeps 4 chars instead of just 1, it will
be an acceptable default on Windows to trim permissions?

Thank you.

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