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Re: [External] : Re: Updating *Completions* as you type

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: [External] : Re: Updating *Completions* as you type
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2023 00:55:31 +0200
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Philip Kaludercic wrote:

> You have mentioned Icicles a number of times, and one of the
> main reasons I have never tried it out is that it is not
> available on ELPA or any kind of official repository.
> I believe wrote about this a while back, but according to
> [...], the main issue remains that your libraries overwrite
> Emacs primitives, as you mention in the main file:
> ;;  ***** NOTE: These EMACS PRIMITIVES have been REDEFINED in Icicles:
> ;;
> ;;  `completing-read'              - (See below and doc string.)
> ;;  `display-completion-list'      - (See below and doc string.)
> ;;  `exit-minibuffer'              - Remove *Completion* window.
> ;;  `minibuffer-complete-and-exit' - Remove *Completion* window.
> ;;  `read-file-name'               - (See below and doc string.)
> ;;  `read-from-minibuffer'         - (See below and doc string.)
> ;;  `read-string'                  - (See below and doc string.)

Meta-Note: If "Emacs primitive" equals a "built-in" function
equals a function written in C, then
`display-completion-list', `exit-minibuffer',
`minibuffer-complete-and-exit', and `read-file-name' are
actually ordinary Lisp functions, written in Lisp.

Is the reason Icicles is not a package in GNU ELPA that it
redefines functions? If so, see if one can reduce the number
of such cases one by one.

I say this because I have some experience from similar
situations where you feel there is a whole bunch of things to
do, and it feels impossible, almost. After removing one such
case, it still feels that way. But after removing two, it
already feels much better and after removing three, in terms
of how you mentally experience the task, it is done, almost.

underground experts united

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