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Re: Adding with-editor to Emacs?

From: Manuel Giraud
Subject: Re: Adding with-editor to Emacs?
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2023 21:26:59 +0200
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Michael Albinus <michael.albinus@gmx.de> writes:

Hi Michael,

>>>>> If we want a better/safer client-server connections for remote hosts,
>>>>> it should be handled in Tramp, I think.
>>>> Probably and it would be great if Tramp did handle that, but I don't
>>>> even use Tramp except when users report that there is an issue when
>>>> using Tramp with one of my packages.  So I am not the right person to
>>>> implement it there, but if Michael were to tackle this, then maybe I
>>>> would have some insights that could be useful.  Or not.
>>> Finally, I've found a free time slot to check with-editor. In fact,
>>> emacsclient can also be called on a remote machine in order to reach the
>>> local Emacs server instance. What is needed is, that emacsclient must
>>> tell the Emacs server where it is located.
>> Do you an emacsclient on the server to do this?  AFAIU, with-editor does
>> not need this.
> with-editor has its own implementation (a shell script) for communication
> between the local Emacs server and a remote host. I have been asked how
> this could be replaced by using a remote emacsclient and
> Tramp. Especially, how the file names should look like.

Ok, thanks for this explanation.  But I don't think that requiring
emacsclient on the server will be very convenient.

> IIUC the with-editor code, emacsclient is not used in the remote case.

I understood the same: in the remote case, EDITOR is set to a shell
script hack.  BTW, I don't know what is the use case of with-editor if
it is not remote: in the local case, "export EDITOR=emacsclient" should
be sufficient.
Manuel Giraud

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