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Re: zcomplete

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: zcomplete
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2023 09:45:54 +0300
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>>> I have been trying out zcomplete for the last week, and it works really
>>> well.  If there is no plan to add it to the core, would you at least be
>>> interested in having it added to GNU ELPA?
>> Actually, it has many problems.  Hopefully, we will fix them in the core.
>> I'd rather not proliferate the number of similar packages by adding
>> yet another package that does the same as existing mct, vcomplete.
> Just to note that I am interested in what you do here and am happy to
> remove mct altogether.

No need to remove mct.  The core should provide the basic building blocks.
Then external packages could build more feature-rich experience.
OTOH, in the process of mutual enrichment often external packages act as
a playing ground for new features, and when they mature, some of their
features are included in the core.  Even in this case the package could
continue existence with more peripheral features that satisfy even
more demanding users.

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