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Re: Non-ASCII characters in Info files produced by Texinfo 7.1

From: Visuwesh
Subject: Re: Non-ASCII characters in Info files produced by Texinfo 7.1
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2023 10:32:24 +0530
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[திங்கள் அக்டோபர் 23, 2023] Stefan Kangas wrote:

> Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org> writes:
>> Texinfo 7.1, released a few days ago, changed the behavior wrt
>> characters produced from quotes, apostrophes and en- and em-dashes: by
>> default, it now produces the ASCII equivalents.  So, for example, "--"
>> in the Texinfo source remains "--" in the produced Info file, where
>> previous versions would produce a real en-dash '–'.
>> To revert to previous behavior, we will need to pass an optional
>> argument to the makeinfo command in our Makefile's.  But before I make
>> this change, I would like to know if people here want the new behavior
>> or the old one.
> I think using "--" instead of "–" would be a step back typographically,
> so whichever way we go, I think we should keep that.

+1, I like how the manuals are typeset currently.

> IOW, if we want to go with the new behavior (fine by me), we should
> s/--/–/ in doc/**/*texi.
>> The main reason for this change is that it makes it easier to grep the
>> Info files.
> BTW, we could make the Emacs Info mode search for – when the user enters
> --, for ‘ when the user enters `, and so on.  I think that would be a
> useful feature.

AFAIK, this is already true for `, see isearch-fold-quotes-mode.  We can
extend it to other similar replacements too.

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