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Re: Native compilation on as default?

From: Andrea Corallo
Subject: Re: Native compilation on as default?
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2023 17:33:03 -0400
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Stefan Kangas <stefankangas@gmail.com> writes:

> Andrea Corallo <acorallo@gnu.org> writes:
>> Thinking about this...  IME *the* warning we are interested in from the
>> async compilation is the:
>> "the function ‘xxx’ is not known to be defined."
>> This because typically xxx is not a function but a macro and is unknown
>> due to a missing require, the file end-up misscompiled and not
>> functional.
> What is it specifically that makes this into a separate issue for the
> native-compiler?  Shouldn't the byte-compiler also warn about a
> situation like that?

Hi Stefan,

doing some work I just re-discovered that a good a explaination of that
was written by Eli in the 'native-comp-async-report-warnings-errors' doc

When native compilation happens asynchronously, it can produce
warnings and errors, some of which might not be emitted by a
byte-compilation.  The typical case for that is native-compiling
a file that is missing some ‘require’ of a necessary feature,
while having it already loaded into the environment when

As asynchronous native compilation always starts from a pristine
environment, it is more sensitive to such omissions, and might be
unable to compile such Lisp source files correctly.

Essentially if in Emacs one has for any reason the definition of the
macro loaded before invoking the byte-compiler, this will not complain
even if the require is missing.



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