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Re: Native compilation on as default?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Native compilation on as default?
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2023 16:22:22 +0200
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Colin Baxter wrote:

> Well, I do have libjccjit-6-dev on a machine running Debian
> 9.13. This is the machine on which I did try native
> compilation. As I said, I could see zero change in
> performance of my emacs (30.0.50). There's also libjccjit-8
> on another machine of mine running Debian 10.13.

Strange you do not experience it being faster, maybe a more
recent Debian could be the explanation. I just upgraded my
stable Debian and am now on Debian 12.2, so 9.13 and 10.13 are
quite old, on the other hand we have the same GNU Emacs
30.0.50 so it can't be that :)


gcc (Debian 12.2.0-14) 12.2.0

So maybe one should aim for the twelve then.

underground experts united

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